Keeping twin babies fed is a full time job!  My husband and I recently started making our own goat milk formula as a supplement for times when I do not have time to pump extra breast milk.  After doing a little research, my husband came up with a formula that works for our boys AH...We use powdered goat milk mainly because we are able to store it since I primarily nurse them or express milk.
     This formula has turned out to be useful in more than one way for our babies AH.  For example, it has cleared up one of my son's skin.  He had a persistent rash caused by what we believed to be eczema.  It turns out that he was allergic to the formula that I was occasionally giving him.  As soon as we switched to goat milk formula, his rash cleared right up!  Also, the babies used to get quite gassy on days when they drank synthetic formula.  Another problem that our formula switch solved AH!  
     This formula works for us...You should, of course, always check with your pediatrician before  introducing your baby to milk of any kind!

What you will need:

*1 part boiled water
*1 part goat milk mixed according to manufacturer's instructions
*Unrefined 100% pure organic Coconut oil
*One container with a cover for blending the formula

     Prepare 8oz of goat milk powder in a jug or container with a cover according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Add the goat milk to 8oz of boiled distilled water.  Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the liquid mixture in the container, cover and shake!  The formula can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days for convenience.  Liquid goat's milk can be used as well.  We use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per 8oz of goat milk.